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With the grow of the Internet everybody can publish something , however, it is necessary you have a knowledge about the Web Authoring Technologies such as HTML, HTML Editors, Content Managements Systems and Social Media. I will give a very brief history of them.

images (4)HTML :

You need a computer language to publish anything for global distribution and HTML is a language of World Wide Web and it was created in 1993 by Tim Berners-Lee and others version came from this one such as HTML 2.0 (1998) HTML 3.0 (1995) HTML 3.2 (1997), however, the most used one was HTML 4.01 being an official one in December 1998. But it was rewrite after being an XML language. It made contents easily shared across applications, making XML powerful. After W3C created an XML using HTML 4.01 called XHTML.

Most of the pages on the web today were made using HTML 4.01 or XHTML. You find the use in:

  •  To publish on line documents;
  •  Design Forms;
  •  Include:  spread sheets, video clips, sound clip in their documents. Learn more about …

downloadHTML Editors :

After the creation of HTML language, the webmasters created tools called HTML editors that could create and modify HTML documents making easy to display and read documents. There are three categories of them: Text editors (example Notepad) , WYSIWYG editors (examples are Adobe Muse and First Page)  and Online editors (Snap Editor and Tiny MCE). See List of editors…

untitled (3)Content Management System (CMS) :

It is a computer program used by webmasters with procedures that enable to manage work flows, contribute and share data, control access and reduce duplicate. The CMS is not new stuff its history started when the internet was released to the public. The first CMS was released by Microsoft in 1990’s and after that many companies developed and released their own software.

In 2000-2005 the internet was having problems and CMS’ were no longer supported except the Amazon site taking off. In 2006-2007 CMS packages were separated in three groups, the first one called Software Editing and the second was Online Editing over the internet and the last group called “Hibrid” allowing users to work online. Nowadays, one of the use is in commercial area, example is s commercial package E360’s CMS NZ. Learn more…

imagesCA0QXXTTSocial Media :

Nowadays, it is hard to think of life without social networking where you can easily keep track on what your contacts are doing even if they are a miles away from you. Examples are Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

Social Media was developed in 1971 when the first email was sent and in 1978 the BBs or Bulletin Board System was the first one to let users to interact one to another.

Tim Ellis & Tom Truscott created the USENET differently from the BBS because no central server, but from this came the inspiration to groups we know today like the Yahoo! Groups and Facebook.

In 1994 the first social networking site was create called Geocities and the next was launched to public and in 1997 AOL and launched.

From those, others sites were created like Friendster being very popular in America, and MySpace just cloned it and Facebook just followed it.

Today, it is hard to predict what will be the next but I do not think people will stop to use social media. Read more about …

See you at the next post ….


Business Technologies

With the growth of the Internet, the companies need help to keep running their businesses in away they can think bigger in the competitive market. And for this they need the called Business technologies” enable them to use from the accounting department to customer sector. Following I will talk about some of them such as:


 It refers to selling and buying stuff on the internet by websites Examples are:  Amazon or Ebay. One of the technologies you can use is wordpress and to accept payment from the customer the company uses the technology called “paypal”. The benefits I could mention here is the convenience to access anywhere and any time and it is free of charge. Read more about …


 The companies need to synchronize all departments and for this they use CRM that helps any business to give better service to customers in such areas as sales, customer services and marketing. it works in a way of tracking a large amount of data base from this system. Examples of CRM is SaGe, Oracle, Powertrack and others…. There are many benefits when talking about CRM such as:

  • Customer Retention ( track all details about the customers behaviour),
  • Management Efficiency ( syncronize all the departaments in the company improving customer service producing accurate reports becoming more efficient and well organized),
  • Mobile Business ( the customers is able to access by mobile device ) Read more…

supply chain

Supply Chain Management

Nowadays, the companies need to have a good management of the flow of goods such as to know what you have storage, to do inventories, and information about the goods in general to customers. That’s why Supply Chain Management is important.If you are interested to know how this system works, I can tell you a basic idea: It works by moving and sharing information between the departments from suppliers to the end of product users.

Examples could be: Coca-Cola supply chain management and universities such as Arizona State University.

Benefits: Synchronizing the supply of products ; Costs are saved when the inventory is to be made. More about this system …

Online Communications

images (1) What I understand about on line communications is that you are able to connect with someone on the internet even writing or making a phone call or video call in any part of the world and in any time. I will try to talk about of my favorite ones: Skype, Facebook, Viber and Gmail. 


 It is a very useful software application which able us to have a spoken conversation with users on the internet by video, phone call, instant messaging over the internet. Being a lot cheaper you can use on your phone, computer or even with your  tv with internet on it. It is not just used in domestic situations but in business too like  interviews by video calls and etc. One of the many benefits is that it is free of charge and it is easy to use even if you are not used with technologies. Read More …


Facebook is a “social networking” website created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, a Harvard University student. In the begin it was just restrict for the Harvard students but now everybody can use , being free of charge. After sign up and create your profile you can start sharing photos, messages, videos and taking part in groups. There are many tools you can use on Facebook and the content can be restrict to friends or public. Read more…

images (2)Viber

Viber is an application for mobile developed by Viber Media intending to connect people with instant messaging voice over the internet. It is free and easy to use, you just need to install it on your mobile and you are able to exchange images, videos, and audio message (this one I really enjoy). One of the benefits is that you can make international calls or text over the internet as much as you like just make sure your contacts have the Viber too if not you can buy credit with credit card or other way of payment and keep in touch with your friends. Read more …

images (3)Gmail

Gmail is a free email service by Google which is the powerful search engine on the internet. It can be used sending and exchange email to many people. One benefit is that there are no pop-ups or untargeted banners ads in Gmail (that’s great you do not need to worry with that). Other thing I find amazing is that you can create files and share them with friends, let them to see or edit, comment but just if I want. And also since 2010 Google released Gmail Chat and call phones. It is such an amazing email service and you should use if you are smart. Learn More …


History of Internet

In this post you can find briefly information about The History of the Internet..

internet25ARPANET :

The granfather to the Internet, established in 1969, ARPANET was a large wide-area network created by the United States Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA). The first data exchange was at UCLA and  Standford Research Institute. Under the Arpanet others innovations occurred such as email in 1971; telnet as a remote connection service in 1972; and file transfer protocol(FTP) in 1973. Consequently more people had access and what I understand is that Arpanet was a backbone to the internet we know today.  Read more …

TCP : 

TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) is the basic communication language or protocol of the Internet. The internet and TCP/IP were developed together, however, the TCP was developed as a part of the research network by The United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). In 1973 the first version of modern TCP was written; than revised and formally documented in RFC 675 in December 1974. “Read More …”

MiTeC-Internet-History-BrowserWeb Browser :

 It is a very useful tool to researches on the internet created by Tim Berners Lee in 1990 and it is called WorldWideWeb enable ordinary people to be able to do searches and take advantage of tons of add-ons . The information resource identified could be a video,image,web page or other kind of content. There are many web browser examples : AWeb (1996-to now) , DocZilla (2003-2005 but terminated) and Internet Explorer (1995- to now).  “Read More…”

untitled (4)The first web page

 In 1991 just one year after Tim Berners Lee created the web browser the first web page was created by him who was working for CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) again just giving information about enable users to search and create own websites and pages. However, the first web page published was in August 6, 1991. And the first web server was also written by Tim Berners Lee called CERN HTTPd.  “Read more”

imagesEmail :

 What I found out it was the email is older than arpanet and even the internet because it is just a kind of writing. Ray Tomlinson, computer engineer invented it in 1971 enable users to send simple messages to another user. The first important email standard was called SMTP or simple message transfer. And it still very important way of communication being widely used. It has been updated taking us from Arpanet to the Internet.

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