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Business Technologies

With the growth of the Internet, the companies need help to keep running their businesses in away they can think bigger in the competitive market. And for this they need the called Business technologies” enable them to use from the accounting department to customer sector. Following I will talk about some of them such as:


 It refers to selling and buying stuff on the internet by websites Examples are:  Amazon or Ebay. One of the technologies you can use is wordpress and to accept payment from the customer the company uses the technology called “paypal”. The benefits I could mention here is the convenience to access anywhere and any time and it is free of charge. Read more about …


 The companies need to synchronize all departments and for this they use CRM that helps any business to give better service to customers in such areas as sales, customer services and marketing. it works in a way of tracking a large amount of data base from this system. Examples of CRM is SaGe, Oracle, Powertrack and others…. There are many benefits when talking about CRM such as:

  • Customer Retention ( track all details about the customers behaviour),
  • Management Efficiency ( syncronize all the departaments in the company improving customer service producing accurate reports becoming more efficient and well organized),
  • Mobile Business ( the customers is able to access by mobile device ) Read more…

supply chain

Supply Chain Management

Nowadays, the companies need to have a good management of the flow of goods such as to know what you have storage, to do inventories, and information about the goods in general to customers. That’s why Supply Chain Management is important.If you are interested to know how this system works, I can tell you a basic idea: It works by moving and sharing information between the departments from suppliers to the end of product users.

Examples could be: Coca-Cola supply chain management and universities such as Arizona State University.

Benefits: Synchronizing the supply of products ; Costs are saved when the inventory is to be made. More about this system …


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