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With the grow of the Internet everybody can publish something , however, it is necessary you have a knowledge about the Web Authoring Technologies such as HTML, HTML Editors, Content Managements Systems and Social Media. I will give a very brief history of them.

images (4)HTML :

You need a computer language to publish anything for global distribution and HTML is a language of World Wide Web and it was created in 1993 by Tim Berners-Lee and others version came from this one such as HTML 2.0 (1998) HTML 3.0 (1995) HTML 3.2 (1997), however, the most used one was HTML 4.01 being an official one in December 1998. But it was rewrite after being an XML language. It made contents easily shared across applications, making XML powerful. After W3C created an XML using HTML 4.01 called XHTML.

Most of the pages on the web today were made using HTML 4.01 or XHTML. You find the use in:

  •  To publish on line documents;
  •  Design Forms;
  •  Include:  spread sheets, video clips, sound clip in their documents. Learn more about …

downloadHTML Editors :

After the creation of HTML language, the webmasters created tools called HTML editors that could create and modify HTML documents making easy to display and read documents. There are three categories of them: Text editors (example Notepad) , WYSIWYG editors (examples are Adobe Muse and First Page)  and Online editors (Snap Editor and Tiny MCE). See List of editors…

untitled (3)Content Management System (CMS) :

It is a computer program used by webmasters with procedures that enable to manage work flows, contribute and share data, control access and reduce duplicate. The CMS is not new stuff its history started when the internet was released to the public. The first CMS was released by Microsoft in 1990’s and after that many companies developed and released their own software.

In 2000-2005 the internet was having problems and CMS’ were no longer supported except the Amazon site taking off. In 2006-2007 CMS packages were separated in three groups, the first one called Software Editing and the second was Online Editing over the internet and the last group called “Hibrid” allowing users to work online. Nowadays, one of the use is in commercial area, example is s commercial package E360’s CMS NZ. Learn more…

imagesCA0QXXTTSocial Media :

Nowadays, it is hard to think of life without social networking where you can easily keep track on what your contacts are doing even if they are a miles away from you. Examples are Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

Social Media was developed in 1971 when the first email was sent and in 1978 the BBs or Bulletin Board System was the first one to let users to interact one to another.

Tim Ellis & Tom Truscott created the USENET differently from the BBS because no central server, but from this came the inspiration to groups we know today like the Yahoo! Groups and Facebook.

In 1994 the first social networking site was create called Geocities and the next was launched to public and in 1997 AOL and launched.

From those, others sites were created like Friendster being very popular in America, and MySpace just cloned it and Facebook just followed it.

Today, it is hard to predict what will be the next but I do not think people will stop to use social media. Read more about …

See you at the next post ….


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